February 2017

A male Stonechat was a temporary visitor for about a week during the month.

Summer 2016

Regular moth-trapping sessions have resulted in the reserve’s moth count reaching 440 at the end of the season. A recent find has been the Vapourer moth.

July 2016

We were pleased to find 3 Essex Skippers, on different dates, in the last few days. This means that last year’s find was not just passing through, but that they are now breeding on the reserve.

October 2015

A rare passage migrant bird - a Pallas’s warbler was spotted by one of our regular birdwatchers. There are usually only a handful of these found in Britain each year, and most are found on the coast at places like Spurn.

September 2015

A late-flying Essex Skipper was found on Sept 7th. This is the first time this butterfly has been seen in Brockadale, though we have been expecting it. Essex Skippers have been spreading north and west over the last few years and are now regularly seen around Doncaster.

September 2015

A Purse-web Spider, Atypus affinis was photographed on the reserve on 3rd Sept. This is the first sighting of this species in Brockadale, and the first (or perhaps second) record of it in Yorkshire. It was found after a visiting naturalist discovered a number of the purse webs whilst looking for another of our rare species. The spiders live inside these tube-like webs which are partially buried, and so are very rarely seen. They are found in short turf on limestone banks mainly in Southern England, but with a population also present around Arnside in north Lancashire.

Spring 2015

5 Grass Snakes seen in a huddle near the snail crag in the middle of the wood. This is typical behaviour for these animals soon after they emerge in the spring, but it hasn’t been reported before in Brockadale.

Two Stoats were seen on the bank below the car park field by several members of a working party. One ran at high speed down to the river.


Summer 2014

Buzzards bred in Brockadale and raised 2 young. This could be the first time for over 200 years, a result of their gradual eastward spread over the last 30 years.

More Common Lizards than ever before, perhaps due to the many piles of logs around the reserve. Stand near one on a sunny morning and keep still for a while and see if you can spot one.

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