Winter talks 2017-18
Our season of talks and slide shows will start again on October 4th

Our illustrated talks this year will be at the Wentbridge House Hotel, a YWT corporate member, starting at 7.30pm. Everybody is welcome, but please buy a drink and there will be a raffle to raise funds for the reserve and to reimburse some of our speakers.

Wed 4 Oct  The Wakefield Peregrine Project - The peregrines of Wakefield Cathedral by Francis Hickenbottom of                                                                                        Wakefield Nats. 
 There will be a collection for the project. 

Wed 1 Nov  Living Rivers: What the wildlife tells us about river health. By Alec Boyd, YWT Project Officer. 

Wed 13 Dec  Sri Lanka - wild and beautiful. By Paul & Joyce Simmons. 

Wed 10 Jan  Brockadale’s Year - Highlights of our special reserve, with contributions from our experts. 

Wed 7 Feb  Went Hillside: how an amateur made a Nature Reserve.  By Les Driffield. 

Wed 7 Mar  The West Indies: Wildlife beyond the beaches. By Dave Williamson.

Summer walks

Informal evening walks for volunteers and the local community take place during the summer, usually on the first Wednesday of each month from May to August, meeting at 7pm in the car park.

 Map to locate Brockadale