Brockadale's breeding birds 2010 

Numbers indicate numbers of territories/breeding pairs. 

P indicates present during breeding season and probably breeding nearby, though not in the reserve area. 

Mallard                           4 

Sparrowhawk                 1 

Buzzard                          P 

Peregrine                        P 

Kestrel                            1 

Common partridge          P 

Pheasant                         P 

Stock dove                      2

Wood pigeon                 16 

Little owl               Bred 2008 

Tawny owl                      1 

Green woodpecker         4 

Gtr spotted woodpecker  3 

Skylark                            1 

Grey wagtail                    1 

Wren                             64 

Dunnock                       10 

Robin                            20 

Blackbird                       29 

Song thrush                  16 

Mistle thrush                   9 

Lesser whitethroat          P 

Whitethroat                   13 

Garden warbler           1-2 

Blackcap                       16 

Willow warbler               11 

Chiffchaff                       14 

Goldcrest                         6 

Long-tailed tit                   8 

Coal tit                             6 

Blue tit                           25 

Great tit                         21 

Tree creeper                   3 

Nuthatch                      2-3 

Jay                                  2 

Magpie                            7 

Carrion crow                   1 

Chaffinch                      39 

Goldfinch                        5 

Linnet                             3 

Bullfinch                         6 

Yellowhammer             17 

Corn bunting                  P 

Total breeding          36 

New breeding birds since the 2005 survey include:


Grey wagtail

Little owl (bred in 2008 but not 2010) 

Breeding birds probably lost since the 2005 survey include: 



Willow tit

Spotted flycatcher 

Turtle dove 


Other birds seen during the survey period (130/3/10 to 26/06/10) but are unlikely to be breeding nearby are: 

Reed bunting 

Pied wagtail (breeds in villages <1km away) 

Canada goose 

Cuckoo (former breeder)


Collared dove (breeds in villages <1km away) 

Swallow (breeds in villages <1km away) 

Sand martin 

Meadow pipit 

Woodcock (winter visitor)

Red kite 


Heron (breed in heronries, eg Bretton Park)

Raven (may have bred in quarry c2km away)